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Illawarra; shoalhaven prepare for the worst

A series of tropical storms could hit NSW and Queensland this week, bringing strong winds and heavy rain.

The most severe storm forecast from the Bureau of Meteorology on Friday, based on the latest computer models, saw th개츠비 카지노 가입 쿠폰e area hit by four intense thunderstorms.

It could also bring up to four extreme conditions including torrential rain, flash flooding and lightning strikes on roads, power outages and potential power failures.

The weather system is expected to hit on Thursday night, around 11.20pm local time.

The Bureau of Meteorology warned the risk of severe thunderstorms will increase further and is warning of rain bands reaching up to 30 kilometres from the cyclone in Queensland.

A number of storm systems have come through Queensland at this time of year and have caused flash flooding, bushfires and power outages.

In NSW, strong winds and heavy rain could bring up to 6.5mm of rain by Wednesday night.

The Bureau of Meteorology said the storm would impact the entire state with flooding and bushfires expected on Wednesday night and Thursday.

«A new heavy rain front which will start on Wednesday night and gradually strengthen and move across the state will bring about widespread disruption in eastern NSW and south Queensland,» the bureau’s forecaster said.

He said the storm was forecast to move to the west-west direction on Friday, moving west across the country, but it was not considered to be the strongest of the summer.

The Bureau of Meteorology said the storm was expected to affect parts of Queens먹튀 검증 카지노land, including the Stat온 카지노 99nnae of NSW and the Murray-Darling Basin.

The bureau says it is expecting a combination of tropical-storm-force winds, heavy rainfall, flash flooding and lightning strikes, and is reminding people to be prepared and vigilant at all times.

The bureau recommends people avoid roads and move vehicle loads to avoid serious injuries and property damage.

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